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We are a team of experienced Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors. We do Space Planning, Site Survey, Space Designing, Layout Drafting, 2D-3D Designing and Rendering work. We Do Turnkey Execution for Residential, Offices, & Commercial Space like Residential, Offices, Hotels, Cafe, Salon, Restaurant, Studio, Banquet and more

If you are looking for unique wallpapers for walls, then We are best to have. We are one of the most respected walls concepts creators. We also have a range of home decor products to beautify your spaces! We are providing wallpaper for walls,3d wallpaper for wallbrick wallpaper,textured wallpaper in Delhi. Contatct Us for these services.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Wallpaper?
    Self explanatory "Wallpaper" Wallpaper means a paper for walls. This is a material for highlighter walls for interior walls of domestic and public walls bedroom, Living Room, Focal point etc.It is available in rolls and standard area coverage of 57 square feet.
  • Here, We are providers of wallpaper for walls and these rolls cover an area of 57 square feet. There are two types of roll sizes available one is 42 Inches width and 5 Meter length and second is 21 inches wide and the length is 10 meters both cover the same area depending on Company dimension.
  • Wallpaper can be used for Walls, HD Walls, Bedroom Wallpaper, Living room, Kitchen, Kids room, Living Room, Foyer.
  • Yes, As its a paper it has some wastage like cutting for window, Sill, Lighting, Switchboard. We count as 50 Square feet covering from a roll and wastage could be less if the wall is plain and without any object. Suppose as wall is 10 X 10 - 100 Square feet than 2 rolls will be required.
  • Yes, Our wallpaper is 100% washable. Wallpaper for walls can be cleaned by Sponge and moist water and shampoo. Just dip sponge in shampoo and rub gently on the wall and the wallpaper will be cleaner.
  • Our Wallpaper is 100% Imported from European Countries and is made of very good quality Non-Woven and vinyl substrates which promise extremely high durability and long life. Here we provide 3 Years Warranty for Wallpaper.
  • Since it requires some skill to install It takes about 4-5 hours for completing the wallpaper application in a wall of approx. size 100 but is much better than paint a wall, no furniture movement, no debris, no dust and without any smell all work done within a few hours.
  • You need to prepare surface for wallpaper pasting first of all Clean surface remove dust, nails, fill small holes with POP than apply wall oil primer and let it dry for 1-2 hours in the meanwhile apply Wallpaper Adhesive on Wallpaper (As Instructed on roll) and start pasting from one corner and apply one to one,
  • You can apply wallpapers on masonry walls, glass, acrylic sheets, MDF and plywood.
  • Wallpaper should not be applied on seepage or dampened walls; it can harm your walls. For seepage walls these should be properly treated first than it should be applied.
  • Fevicol, itself is the best adhesive for wall pasting on walls; it has one product called WALLFIX best in class. Used for pasting long life products without any kind of smell, any skin radiation and very effective with all kinds of wallpaper.This adhesive is anti-microbial and dust free for a quick and hassle free application that lasts long.

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